About Brainstorm Mind Fitness:

You exercise your body to stay fit – why wouldn’t you do the same for your mind?

Brainstorm Mind Fitness was developed to engage people of all ages by teaching and demonstrating exercises designed to maintain and improve cognitive fitness.  A class setting encourages participants to  progress with the program and to measure their success regularly.  

The rationale behind Brainstorm stems from a growing body of research which explains supports the notion of brain health as attainable and manageable through the adaptation of healthy brain habits and lifestyle choices.  These include:

Physical exercise

Mental exercise

Brain healthy nutrition


Management of stress and depression


All of these components are addressed in Brainstorm classes in a weekly, fun and interactive hour!


About the Founders: 

Pete Goodwin

Pete Goodwin’s career spans over 40 years as a corporate manager, memory care assisted living manager, personal assistance home care services provider and corporate trainer. Pete received his B.S in Business from the Ohio State University in 1974. Pete also served his country as a U.S Army medical corpsman in Vietnam in 1971-72. Pete resides in New Braunfels Texas with his wife Lucy and step-son Shane.


Meredith Patterson, RN, BSN, CRRN

Meredith is a registered nurse with over 25 years of neuroscience nursing experience
in a variety of settings including intensive care, head injury acute care rehabilitation,
sub acute and dementia care. She has authored numerous presentations and continuing
education classes for nursing professionals and is a frequent presenter for community and
professional audiences including the University of Texas Health Science Center, Scott
and White Hospital, Texas State University and the annual Alzheimer’s Symposium in
New Braunfels.

Meredith is a graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio
and she is certified in rehabilitation nursing. She is past president of the Association of
Rehabilitation Nurses of San Antonio and has served as a reviewer for the journal of the
Association of Neuroscience Nurses.